Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did you know?

Hi everyone!
You guys might find this a bit odd, but I was flipping the channels this morning/afternoon and landed on Dr. Oz show. (Anyone watches it?) So yeah, and I learned so much on today's show! It was discussing about the 3 most "dangerous" makeup.
  1. Loose mineral power - due to the small particules that can be inhaled and do damage to the lung
  2. Anti-wrinkle cream - the ingredients in these cream can damage your skin
  3. Lip gloss - the substance used to give the shine to the lip (petrolium jelly) can/might cause cancer once it is swallowed
Be aware of these little thing and try to limit the use of these makeup and try to find alternatives!!
Till next time...~

1 comment:

  1. ooooooh my thanks for sharing and i never knew that thanks God I don't really use any of those.. maybe once in a while lose mineral power and lip gloss

    and yes I love the burts bees night cream. When i first got it..it feels a little weird. Its really thick and if you apply too much it will feels like dead skin peeling off lol but this night cream it actually does the job keeps my face soft and not dry at least until morning LOL