Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small haul: Princess Cruise trip

Hi Ladies,
Here's are pictures of things I got during my 7 day Princess Cruise... It's not much because I didn't even expect to spend any money, it was more to just relax and have fun!

This is a very cute, over the shoulder purse that I got at Princess Cays

These I got from St. Thomas:
(Very summery jewelry)

(Reminds me of the sea...)

(Includes: Shea Butter, Cherry Blossom and Honey & Lemon hand cream. Two of each)

And these I got from the ship:
(All the recipes to all the food we had on the ship and more!)

(Free gift with the wine tasting we attended)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel Tip - Luggage

Hey Ladies,
After my cruise trip and working at the airport, I want to give some very important travel tips to you all (might be obvious, but not everyone does it):

  1. Always lock your luggage - This will ensure your belonging are safe and you will know if someone went through your luggage or not. All luggage that are being sent are passed through a scan machine to ensure that there are no unsafe items in them. If they do see something unusual, they need to advise you and you will be asked to open it up so they can go through it with your presence. BUT, we all know that things can get lost if the luggage is not lock. All the people handling your luggage before getting to the plane and then from the plane back to you... you just don't know what can happen. It's happen to me and a few friends... things that are usually stolen are liquids!! (we all know why... alcohol!!) But, as a traveler, we don't put expensive alcohol in a luggage that is unlock, so things that get stolen are like gel or very cheap alcohol.
  2. Always identify your luggage - The ones that they give you at the airport are not good enough. Everyone's using the same ones. How can you quickly identify that this luggage is yours? You can't! And let me assure you that majority of people don't always check name tags when they pick up their luggage because they're in a hurry to see their loved one waiting for them outside. So very often, this is what happens... you pick up someone else's luggage which is very similar to yours and walk off with it! If you're lucky, you find out before you leave the airport or at home. This kind of cases happen all the time and let me tell you... you will wait forever just to get someone's attention and to get your luggage back.
  3. Always put something unique or that stands out if you own a black luggage - Everyone seems to love owning black luggage! And I don't understand why!!! It's the most difficult ones to recognize and the ones that get switched the most. Be aware!
Hope this will help everyone to travel easier!
Till next time...~

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the freezing cold & reality... *Picture heavy*

Hi Beautifuls,
So I'm back from my 7 day Ruby Princess cruise. I had such an amazing time, shopping, tanning, beach, food... it must be the best 7 days in my life so far.

My bf and I took Sunwing airline to Fort Lauderdale from Montreal...

On the ship looking out... so pretty!!

The ship... small part of it.

Crazy big houses on the side of the beach

I was going to post all the food we ate, but way too much... so here's a few of them

Princess Cays
The ship actually "parked" at sea...

And we took these small boats to get to the shore.

St. Maarten...

St. Thomas...

Grand Turk...
No pictures >.<

During these 7 days, there was 2 formal nights and 2 days at sea. The islands that we visited are Princess Cays, St. Maarten, St. Thomas & Grand Turk. The room # we stayed in was 328! If you're chinese you might know what it means... *Prosperous in business* (32 is business, 8 is rich)

Anyone been on a cruise? Tell me your experience, I want to know and which islands you stopped.

I miss the sun...
I will make another post with the things I purchased there.
Till next time...~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Walk with Style and Safety with WinterTrax

Hey Beautifuls,
Let me introduce you to something to keep you safe on those slippery winter roads while keeping in style! The WinterTrax for her...

"A lightweight, safe solution for wearing heels on packed snow and ice."
  • Easy on/off
  • One size fits most
  • helps reduce falls & injuries
  • 360 degrees of traction on packed snow & ice.
Here's a pictures with the WinterTrax on my boots (doesn't look that bad...):

(Excuse the dirtiness under my boots)

This also comes with a bonus carry bag for easy storage in purse. I got this at Wal-Mart for $18.98 and let me tell you this... it really works! I went out the other day with my boots without them and I almost slipped on my driveway! Then I remembered purchasing this, so I went back in the house to get it and put them on before going out again. To my surprise, it gave me traction. The best thing is that it doesn't feel anything when it's on! Awesome invention!

Be safe and don't slip!
Till next time...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small haul during the holiday

Hi Ladies,

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and bought alot of things for love ones, and of course yourself! Here are some purchases I made for myself during the holiday:

First, I finally got a vanity mirror from Conair. I've always been watching the prices for this and they are usually $80 and more. So when I saw this at Wal-Mart for only $39, I just grabbed it!
  • 8x/1x Magnification
  • Polished Chrome and Porcelain Finish
  • Touch Control
  • 3 Light Setting
  • Rotates 360 Degrees

Second, I got a sleep mask at Winners. I like to sleep in just about everyday, and sometime I do get waken up my the sun. Let me tell you... it's very frustrating!!! Never again with this soft and silky mask.

Third, I got 2 books at Chapters. I found coupons online that gave me 30% off books. (I should of post the coupon, sorry! Next time.) I got Twenties Girl from Sophie Kinsella (Author of Shopaholics) and The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho (Author of The Alchemist). These are the 2 authors I've been loving. I must have almost read all of their books.

Fourth, I got the very must raved about Shu Uemura eyelash curler! I really must say, it really is the BEST eyelash curler. The other ones that I used all pinched the corner of my eyes. This one is the perfect shape and I can really curl my lashes at it's max. My eyelashes seems longer after using this curler! LOVE IT! A must have!!

Fifth, I went shopping on boxing day and RW&CO was having a 50% off sale price items ending with .95. So I took this opportunity to grab a few things for myself. I got the same top in different colors (Turquoise, pink and purple). It's very pretty on and I love the detail on the sleeves.

I was also very lucky to find a suit in my size on sale. Blazer, pants and skirt! It's a very dark grey, almost black with very thin white strips. I'll sure be needing it for interviews and work!

And you won't believe how much I paid for all 6 items... $126!!! Such a good deal! ^^

Now, I can't wait for Sunday... going on a 7 day CRUISE!
Till next time...~

ps. There's also a giveaway by FunnyFace Beauty:
Go check it out!!!