Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to the freezing cold & reality... *Picture heavy*

Hi Beautifuls,
So I'm back from my 7 day Ruby Princess cruise. I had such an amazing time, shopping, tanning, beach, food... it must be the best 7 days in my life so far.

My bf and I took Sunwing airline to Fort Lauderdale from Montreal...

On the ship looking out... so pretty!!

The ship... small part of it.

Crazy big houses on the side of the beach

I was going to post all the food we ate, but way too much... so here's a few of them

Princess Cays
The ship actually "parked" at sea...

And we took these small boats to get to the shore.

St. Maarten...

St. Thomas...

Grand Turk...
No pictures >.<

During these 7 days, there was 2 formal nights and 2 days at sea. The islands that we visited are Princess Cays, St. Maarten, St. Thomas & Grand Turk. The room # we stayed in was 328! If you're chinese you might know what it means... *Prosperous in business* (32 is business, 8 is rich)

Anyone been on a cruise? Tell me your experience, I want to know and which islands you stopped.

I miss the sun...
I will make another post with the things I purchased there.
Till next time...~


  1. ohh i've been to grand turk too on my last cruise, i think we went horseback riding on that stop. Which cruise did you go on? Looks prettyyy

  2. @ mizzsandychau - This was Ruby Princess Cruise!