Sunday, January 23, 2011

Small haul: Princess Cruise trip

Hi Ladies,
Here's are pictures of things I got during my 7 day Princess Cruise... It's not much because I didn't even expect to spend any money, it was more to just relax and have fun!

This is a very cute, over the shoulder purse that I got at Princess Cays

These I got from St. Thomas:
(Very summery jewelry)

(Reminds me of the sea...)

(Includes: Shea Butter, Cherry Blossom and Honey & Lemon hand cream. Two of each)

And these I got from the ship:
(All the recipes to all the food we had on the ship and more!)

(Free gift with the wine tasting we attended)


  1. the souvenirs look cool! the hand set looks really versatile, especially for this dry winter season!