Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel Tip - Luggage

Hey Ladies,
After my cruise trip and working at the airport, I want to give some very important travel tips to you all (might be obvious, but not everyone does it):

  1. Always lock your luggage - This will ensure your belonging are safe and you will know if someone went through your luggage or not. All luggage that are being sent are passed through a scan machine to ensure that there are no unsafe items in them. If they do see something unusual, they need to advise you and you will be asked to open it up so they can go through it with your presence. BUT, we all know that things can get lost if the luggage is not lock. All the people handling your luggage before getting to the plane and then from the plane back to you... you just don't know what can happen. It's happen to me and a few friends... things that are usually stolen are liquids!! (we all know why... alcohol!!) But, as a traveler, we don't put expensive alcohol in a luggage that is unlock, so things that get stolen are like gel or very cheap alcohol.
  2. Always identify your luggage - The ones that they give you at the airport are not good enough. Everyone's using the same ones. How can you quickly identify that this luggage is yours? You can't! And let me assure you that majority of people don't always check name tags when they pick up their luggage because they're in a hurry to see their loved one waiting for them outside. So very often, this is what happens... you pick up someone else's luggage which is very similar to yours and walk off with it! If you're lucky, you find out before you leave the airport or at home. This kind of cases happen all the time and let me tell you... you will wait forever just to get someone's attention and to get your luggage back.
  3. Always put something unique or that stands out if you own a black luggage - Everyone seems to love owning black luggage! And I don't understand why!!! It's the most difficult ones to recognize and the ones that get switched the most. Be aware!
Hope this will help everyone to travel easier!
Till next time...~


  1. Hi Crystal,

    When you get a chance, please check out my latest blog post.


  2. thanks for the tip! I'll be traveling in a couple of months and I haven't been on a plane since I was 6 so I have no clue what to do lol guna have to do a lot of research.