Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Beauties
Hope everyone had a wonderful/special day yesterday with their love ones! My bf and I celebrated Valentine's Day over the weekend and we enjoyed a lovely supper at The Keg. The food was delicious!

This year, my bf decided to combine a few gifts together to buy me something big! So this gift is for Valentine's Day and Birthday (It's not until the end of next month) gift. He got me... A CANADA GOOSE Kensington Parka in black!!! I love him so very much for that!! I'm a person who's always cold during the winter and with this... I think I'll be staying very warm! ^^ YAY

And yesterday, he got me a small cake from Premiere Moison. A very yummy Strawberry Mille-Feuilles. The decoration was kind of all over the place, but it was still very good!

What did you receive for Valentine's Day?
Till next time...~


  1. so cute!! so nice of your bf to get you that coat.. it looks very warm and cozy.. and i love the cake :)

    the hubs got me something from marc jacobs and neiman marcus.. i'm going to be revealing it on my blog soon.. so come and check it out!!

  2. So sweet of your bf to get you the coat to feel all warm and fuzzy! My hubby didn’t give me anything and it’s out 10th year dating anniversary too. He’s overseas now. I doubt I’ll be getting anything from him since I didn’t get anything for him too. LoLz