Friday, May 20, 2011

Haul: CherryCulture NYX Sale

Hi Ladies,
I received my CherryCulture package a week or so ago and I'm here to share with you what I got! Let get right into it...

Here's the box it came in.

Everything was packed very securely

  • Fabulous Lashes & Glue  in Rumor
  • Eyebrow Shaper (Eyebrow wax)
  • Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Nude Pink
  • Round Lip Gloss in Natural, Whipped & Sorbet
  • Black Label Lipstick in Dusty Rose & Bling
  • Free lipbalm
Swatches will be posted later... 
Till next time... ~


  1. ooo you got your package! i'm still waiting for mine. i'll post when i get it, should be soon i hope haha

  2. Ohhlucky girl! Ive been dying to try their lipsticks they look so creamy on!

  3. awesome haul! can't wait for the swatches ^_^

  4. Ooooh~ I've always wanted bling!!~ But they're always sold out~ T___T Great haul!