Thursday, June 3, 2010

Revlon Nail Polish in Gray Suede & Touch of Mauve

Hey Everyone,

I purchased these 2 shades of nail polish not long and I'm starting to like it! The first one is in Gray Suede. Although the name color suggest that it's somewhat a grayish color, I would say it's more of a nude color. OK, maybe there's a hint of gray in it... ^^ But in certain lighting, I think there's a hint of pink in it too!

Can you see the slight difference in color?!?! None the less, a very pretty color!

Second color that I bought was in Touch of Mauve. I must say the color is very similar to my L'Oreal Paris nail polish in Sand Castle, but there's slight differences. Touch of Mauve is more of a matte color as for Sand Castle is more shimmery.

Till next time...~

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  1. Those are very pretty colors :]... I'm really liking both of them!