Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Haul & Pictures: L.A, Vegas & Grand Canyon (Picture Heavy)

Hi Girls,
as promised, here are some pictures from my trip...

Grand Canyon:

Hoover Dam (Where Transformer 3 was filmed):

Las Vegas:

There's no pictures from L.A. because we were with families and didn't really go to any touristic places! Onto the haul... Here are a few things I got during this trip:

  • Vegas keychian
  • Vegas cup from Starbucks
  • Decoration dice
  • 24K Gold pieces - souvenir from Grand Canyon

White sandel I got from LA, Little Saigon Market...

2 pairs of fake eyelashes

At the mall:
Grey semi-casual blazer, love the ruffle on the sleeve and the belt!

Perfect length black and grey strip shirt

At Coach outlet:
Purse and wallet

Love all the compartments in the purse!


That's all for today! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!
Till next time...~


  1. las vegas looks beautiful! love your haul! That's a really nice wallet, i'm still on a look out for a wallet that can hold ALL my cards =)

  2. Amazing vacation! I've always wanted to head down on a west coast trip.
    Good to meet another Canadian beauty blogger!

  3. hey hun!! thanks for the comment =], too bad BB cream's colour are way off compared to my skin tone and i HATE it when it doesnt match me 100% lol i wish I can cuztomize my shade or somehitng so I dont even have to be troubled by that!! I can kinda use it as a concealer tho =].. hehe

    btw ur pictures looks GREAT!! I really wanna go to places liek the first first pics above, I love the nature!! not mosquitos and rain HAHA...great haul to u as well =]


  4. wowwww 6.5 years with your boyfriend? that is so awesome! we have only been together for 2 years, that's nothing compared to you two. Awwww it's so sweet, he better tie the knot with you soon!