Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Today I want to share with you other jewelries that I've made myself! Here they are:

This is a two piece jewelry that I made for my brother's wife birthday gift and I suggested her to wear them both at the same time! It's prettier that way.

This one was actually given to my bf's mom as mother/birthday gift. I was sooooooo happy that she loves it! ^^

This one is actually mine! I love it sooo very much. The picture doesn't really represent the prettiness of this bracelet though...

The last one will eventually be a gift for my bf's cousin, who's about 9 years old. The chain is in heart shapes with multicolor butterflies on them. I'm sure she'll love because she's a very girly girl.

Hope you like what I made.
Till next time...~

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  1. Hey Jenny!
    I don't know if I reply at ur blog or on mine so I'm gonna do both =P
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    I actually don't really recommend the sigma brushes because when my skin is in its sensitive phase, the sigma brushes sorta irritate my skin.
    Or if u can wait till holiday season, around october to december, u could get the costco kirkland brushes because u usually get a set of brushes that has all the essential brushes and it only costs about 20 dollars! =)
    Hope that helps!
    Gorgeous bracelets by the way! My favourite is the heartshaped chain with butterflies =)