Thursday, May 6, 2010

My love for Aveeno products

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share with you today my LOVE for Aveeno products. These are products that I've been repurchasing over and over again when I finish them up.

First I will talk about the line of facial care products that I use. The line is called the Ultra-Calming.

This product is known for its calming properties. It can also soothe dry and irritated skin, and improves the appearance of skin prone to redness. I've started using this facial line about 3-4 years ago. I use to have dry and reddish skin. After using this, my skin started to improve. When I thought I should change to try something new, I decided on the Positively Radiance from Aveeno. I really didn't like it because of the sparkling inside the cream. So I sticked with Ultra-Calming until now and still LOVING IT!

I would moisture my body right out from the shower. This is what I use:

During the winter, I would use the Skin Relief line. It relieves and soothes extra dry skin and it is clinically proven to moisture for 24h. As for every other day, I would use their Daily Moisturizing line, it helps protect and relieve dry skin. It is also proven to moisture for 24h. I LOVE both of them very much and must have been using them for at least 5 years!

Awhile back, they came up with a new Aveeno Active Naturals hydrating body wash. I believe this must have been my... 7th bottle or more! It has a very fresh smell to it! And of course, for bath, I use the Daily Moisturizing Bath (Foaming). After coming out from the bath, you feel all soft and moisturized! Love that feeling! ^^

Lastly, is definitely their hair products!

After the first use, I fell in love with this shampoo and conditioner. It makes your hair feel soooooooo soft. This is only my first bottles, but I would for sure purchase again!

I would certainly recommend all these products to everyone who's never tried Aveeno products! I do have to say they are more in the expensive side in the drugstores, but it is totally worst the money!

Hope you all liked the review!
Till next time...~

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  1. Wow you do own a lot of Aveeno stuff! Glad you found a brand that you absolutely love :]