Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally graduating from University!

Hey Ladies,

I'm just sooooooo happy and I need to share with just about everyone! I'm finally getting my Bachelor degree! I'm graduating with a B.Comm, majoring in Human Resource Management. YOUPPY, but my convocation will be in May/June. That's ok! No more school, no more books, no more studying! No, that's not true. I'm planning to get a certificate called Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) designation in May 2011. But that's something else, for the meanwhile, I'm DONE! ^^

I haven't start looking for a job in my field yet and I guess, I'm still not in a rush. I'm still working at the airport at the checkin counters for now and my second job which is at the mall. I will take a month or so just to relax and start job hunting at the end of Jan.

In January, my boyfriend and I will be going on a 7 day cruise! YAY, I really can't wait. We'll be flying to Fort Lauderdale and leaving for the cruise there. We'll be passing by St. Maartin, St. Thomas, Grand Turk and other places. Then 2 weeks after we get back, we have a 3 day weekend getaway at Mont-Tremblant! My boyfriend was nominated for Employee of the Year at his work and the company is treating us to an all inclusive weekend, everything paid for!!!

Will post some pictures when I get back from those trips for sure! ^^

Priorities at the moment:
  • Find a job in my field
  • Get back in shape
  • Get my CHRP designation
What are your priorities?

Till next time...~


  1. congratulations on graduating! I can't really remember what settings i used - it was either the premium best shot (auto) or portrait. I was also playing around the flash too.

  2. Congratulations! You must be so excited to be all done! And I hope you and your bf have fun on your cruise; you deserve a break after all those years of school ^^

  3. Hello! I was here, asking for friendship. ;) Would you like to follow each others blogs? Belated Happy New Year. :D