Sunday, June 12, 2011

Closet cleanup!!

Hey Ladies,
it's that time of the season again. Closet cleanup!!! I try to go through my entire closet at least once a year. Either right after winter or summer. My closet was looking really disorganized and there were so many clothes that I no longer wear that I needed to get ride of.

Here's how it looked like before...

I basically refolded everything and took out the clothes that I no longer wear.

Here's the sorting through on my bed and lamp...

And the clothes that I gave out for donation... 4 big piles of clothes!!

When my mom came back from HK, she got me this vertical hanger which saves lots of space. We all know how HK apartments are very small and saving space is a big thing there. This is what she got...

I'm hoping to find them in Toronto when I go on Monday! Will be there for 4 days with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

Here's how my closet looks like after the big clean up... (would need to clean my bags on top!)

How often do you do a big cleanup of your closet?
Till next time...~


  1. Nice, everything looks more organized. Haha I'm going through a closet clean up as well right now!

  2. oo that hanger your mum got you is pretty awesome!
    after i cleaned my closet this year it looks messy again. I gave donated 2 piles of clothes but i know i have a lot more i should have donated. I find it so hard to let go of a piece of clothing even if i know i won't wear it again.

  3. this looks like a tiring job!! i wish to go through my closet too sometime lol great blog :) im your new follower i hope you'll follow back

  4. Great job!! I cleaned out my wardrobes a few weeks ago i'm so proud ^^

  5. Nice! I almost never clean my closet. >.< Lol.


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