Friday, June 24, 2011

Haul: Toronto Trip *Heavy Pics*

Hi Everyone,
I've been very busy with work lately... There's an Air France mechanical strike in Paris-CDG making all the flights late it's been 2 weeks!! Haven't had the time to do anything, been coming home very late because of work! =(

Anyways, I was off to Toronto last week and stayed there for 4 days. It was awesome, alot of eating and shopping! ^^

Let's start with the food... lol, a Toronto trip is not a Toronto trip without eating! LOL

Very yummy seafood place! Must try! *Magic Wok Restaurant*

*Rock Mountain*

A place in chinatown... *King's...*

*TenRen's TEA* 

*Kenny's Delight*

Ajisen Ramen close to T&T...

All the abs work I did before this trip was all gone!!! Back to my one pack =( But it was REALLY good food ^^ And of course, we would end the day going to Tracy Dessert!! YUM

Onto the things I got:
Tubes for tops that are too low cut...

2 dresses from Bebe...


A top from Pacific Mall...

Leggings and tights...

Koji eyebrow tweezers...

My favorite childhood candy, the frutips!!!

Victory Secret's semi-annual sale... no undergarments of my size there!

That would be all for today...
Till next time...~


  1. You got a lot of great stuff, and the food looks delicious! where did you get the tube tops? I need some for my lowcut tops too. I don't recognize the tags.

  2. omg you were in toronto~~~dont you just my city~~~loli hope you had a great time here and come back soon~~~

  3. @ Sncport: I got the tube tops in Chinatown... I believe they sell them at Pacific Mall too! I bargained with the lady and got all 4 of them for $10! =D

  4. @ Jessy: I go to Toronto at least twice a year and yes, I love it there!! ^^

  5. Ohhh Toronto!!! :D That's where I'm from heheh I absolutely love Magic Wok! My family and I always go there cause everything there tastes so good :))) I'm glad you had fun here, hope you come back soon!

  6. Omg the food makes me crave, it looks yummy. And awesome haul! Btw I gave you some awards on my blog, hope you like them. I think you definitely deserve them.:)
    much love!<3