Saturday, June 11, 2011

Review: Skin79 Diamond Collection

Hi Ladies,
after trying 4 sample sizes of the Skin79 BB cream, I've decided to purchase a full size of their Diamond The Prestige BB cream and UV Screen BB pact. They both came with a small sample of the Hot Pink Super Plus BB and VIP Gold Super Plus BB.

I will start off with the BB cream. Diamond The Prestige BB cream has the following properties:

  • For normal type skin
  • SPF protection
  • Whitening features
  • Sebum control
  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Glitter, shimmer (very subtle)

This BB cream comes in an airless, clean and sterile container with a pump dispenser to control amount of cream you want to use. Do note that BB cream is not suppose to replace your foundation. BB cream should be part of your daily skincare routine and not makeup routine. It gives a very light coverage, I would say lighter coverage than a tinted moisturizer. In my case, I would use half a pump to cover my entire face. A little do go a long way. I would pump it on the back of my hand and dot it all over my face, then pad it onto the skin to blend it out.

Here are the swatches of the BB cream... (I'm NC20 skin color)


Completely blended

Onto the UV Screen BB pact.

The powder is nicely protected with a clear plastic. You close the plastic cover and the puff sits on top of it. There's also a big mirror, which makes it very convenient to apply it on-the-go. I would normally use this powder in the morning before I leave the house and with no touch-ups I'm good for the whole day. 

This pact offers:
  • SPF 22 PA++
  • Sebum control
  • Keeps skin moisturized
Here are the swatches of the pact...

Completely blended

I would totally recommend these 2 products to anyone who has skin with excessive oils and needs little coverage. These 2 products together gives a very natural and oil-free finish to the face. 

I haven't use these products long enough to see the whitening effect on my little brown spots under my eyes (due to sun expose), but all the other properties in the product is enough for me to love these products! 

Have you tried any Skin79 products? Which ones and how to do you like them?

Till next time...~


  1. i had a SKin79 BB cream its the Diamond Line but the HOT pink(Fuchsia) bottle~~~i didnt like it too much, the color were too grey, so i end up giving it to a friend, but i also have the sunpowder~~~which has spf which i like, but as a loose powder, its not that i dont know how i stand on skin79 product right now, cuz alot of people like them, but my experience with the brand hadn't being that good so far~~~


  2. I haven't used any of Skin79's BB creams yet, but I've been really interested in trying them lately. I think I'll give their compacts a go after I finish my tub of Missha. :)

  3. Thanks for the review,I don't really understand what the powder does? Is it like a mineral powder, do you use it instead of a foundation?

    Skin 79 is great, but i have trouble finding a colour that matches my skin tone. Xx

  4. ohhhh! i've always been wanting to try the Skin79 pact!! how long does it last in controlling oil? & how much did you buy it for? :D

  5. thanks for the review, I've always wonder about their Diamond line :]

  6. @ Jessy: I've never been a big fan of loose powder so maybe this would be the reason why you don't like their Skin79 loose powder. The only reason why I didn't get the big bottle of the Hot Pink bottle is because of the grey undertone. As for this collection, it doesn't have the weird grey undertone!

  7. @ Amyboo: You should definitely try the Skin79. The only thing is that Missha has a wider color selection. As for Skin79, there's only one color.

  8. @ PinkOrchids: Yes, I do use the powder as foundation. It doesn't give too much coverage, but it's really good at controlling excessive oil.

    I do agree that Skin79 doesn't have a color selection, maybe you should try Missha... I know they have 2 color selections for their BB creams.

  9. @ mimi: The oil controlling power is very good. It last for more than 8h for me without touchups. I got the BB cream for about $16 and the pact for about $10.

  10. @ Yuna: Love this Skin79 Diamond line! =D

  11. thanks for the review hun! i always wanted to try the skin79 diamond one. i love hte packaging too, the pink is so pretty!