Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Healthy Drinks by GreenMax

Hi Lovelies,
I'm back to share with you something other than beauty... something on the healthy side! I've been pretty addicted with these drinks lately. I must say, the first time my mom purchased them I was quite skeptical about the taste, because the drink didn't look too appealing. Once I got use to the "appearance", I really like the taste of it. The drink I'm talking about is by GreenMax and I got them from chinese grocery stores. Here are the 4 flavors that I like and tried:

Black Sesame Cereal

Yam & Mixed Cereal

I like to drink these two, the Black Sesame Cereal and the Yam & Mixed Cereal, in the morning when I'm in a rush. I would take it as my breakfast. Or at night time when I'm hungry and it's too late to grab something to eat. 

Almond Tea with Hazelnut

Black Beans with Matche

The last two, Almond Tea with Hazelnut and Black Beans with Matcha I usually drink it anytime of the day! From the 4 that I've tried, the ones I like most is the Almond Tea with Hazelnut and Black Beans with Matcha.

Has anyone tried any of them? How do you like them?
Till next time...~


  1. yummm i've never tried any of them but the almond with hazelnut sounds delicious!!

    my husband likes to drink the black seasame drink it's from another brand. but i'm pretty sure it's the same thing.. i can't wrap my head around it ..because it comes out all black and freaks me out hahaha.

  2. They look so interesting! I've never tried them but would love to!

  3. yummm!!! I want to try. which grocery store did you go to in Toronto? I want to check it out =)

  4. hey hey where can i get these in scarborough crystal? i really want to try them =)

  5. Hi! Is the green tea actually healthy? I've read matcha tea has so many health benefits but I'm just worried that this particular brand is filled with unhealthy things as well