Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Haul: Sephora, Forever 21, Jean Coutu & Pharmaprix

Hi Ladies,
here's a haul for you today. These are a few things I got over the weekend.
  • Revlon Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2011 Super Lustrous Lip Balm in Peach Crystal ($8.99)
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle & Peach Petal (Weekend special $3.99)
  • Secret Fashion Mode in Greyflannel (Special $5.99)
  • Philosophy vanilla birthday cake (Free birthday gift from Sephora)
  • BareMinerals eyelid primer ($23)
First I want to talk about the Revlon LE Spring/Summer 2011 Super Lustrous Lip Balm. I found it at Jean Coutu and it comes in three colors, a pinky color, this peachy color and a blueish green color. I picked the Peach Crystal because I thought this would suit me best. The packaging is very cute and it also comes with a small brush applicator on the lid. I did took off the description/barcode sticker from the lid because it was in the way of the brush.

I still haven't tried to use it with the brush, but the brush is very soft. I thought this lipbalm would give a bit of color on my lips but unfortunately, it is very sheer. It has a sweet and almost candy like smell to it. This lipbalm is surprisingly quite moisturizing. I guess it's prettier to take out this lipbalm than to apply a normal stick lipbalm when your going out. As a plus, it does have SPF 15 in it, so it's perfect for the summer. Here's a swatch of the lipbalm:

Second product from Revlon is the Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle & Peach Petal, yes, I know I'm pretty late on this product. 

It's actually a very nice pastelle color on my lips, perfect for the summer!

During the weekend, I did pass by Sephora to get the BareMinerals eyelid primer. Since my Birthday is March 31st, I also picked up my free birthday gift! ^^ YAY

I will do a full review on the BareMinerals eyelid primer along with all other primers I've used. Stay tune for them because let me tell you... I tried A LOT of primer!
Best primer for my oily lids

The tights I got on sale for $5.99 at Jean Coutu. It's a very nice design tights. It's not totally sheer, but just enough to make a nice contrast from skin to black! On the picture it looks almost dark grey, but it's black.

Lastly, I went to Forever 21 and pick up this very nice top. It's a very light green, almost see-through with flower designs on them.

Hope you like this haul.

*Has anyone tried the Revlon LE Spring/Summer 2011 Super Lustrous Lip Balm?*
*What's your take on it? I'd love to know!*

Can't wait for the L'Oreal warehouse sale this Wednesday!!! Who's going???
Till next time...~


  1. Philosophy vanilla birthday cake looks yummy, and I love Revlon lipglosses x

  2. Great haul, babe! Omg I'm so jealous that you guys have warehouse sales like that! I want to go to one.... specifically MAC LOL

  3. Wow, $3.99 for those Revlon glosses is an awesome deal. Great haul!!
    If you haven't already, please check out my new 'Dare to Wear for Charity' post. $10/person who does a makeup look will go to the people of Japan:


  4. Happy Early Bday!! Love your haul! I really like the revlon lipgloss...i highly recommend you try coral reef if you haven't. I didn't know that there was revlon lipbalm this i will have to check out when i stop by the drugstore.

  5. Nice haul! I really want the limited edition Revlon glosses - the colors are so perfect for spring! And that's cool how the lip balm comes with a brush :D

  6. hey i have awarded you the stylish blogger award=)

  7. Thanks so much for following : D

    I absolutely LOVE the Revlon Super Lustrous glosses! Definitely good buys you got there : D

  8. Juliette et Chocolat? oh man, i have got to go there one day, i love fondue and crepes! i hope you took delicious pictures! haha. happy early birthday by teh way, can't wait to see what your doing for your actual birthday!

  9. I need to check out those Revlon lip glosses. I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't! Hahah. I'll be looking forward to your BareMinerals primer review.