Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting My Outside Jogging Early This Year

Hi Ladies,
The weather is FINALLY starting to get warmer in Montreal and the road is not too overflowed with water. This means, I will start my outside jogging early this year! I actually went for my first run today, and it feels awesome! I haven't gained any weight, but I just feel fat! Anyone feeling the same way?

Here's the outside conditions today
My goal:
  • Jog every other day and mild sit-ups
  • On days that I don't jog, do my sit-ups intensively
I'm ready to get my tone body back for the summer!! ^^
What's your plans to get back in shape?
Till next time...~


  1. i had that plan every single year, it never worked through for me. it's either i am extreamly lazy and don't want to get up or i just have no self motivation. I think it's both. I haven't gained any wait but i feel fat as well, actually i feel like that all the time, especially when warm weather is approaching, i think it's the face that we know we will be wearing thinning clothes that will probably be more tight fitting and show more skin. I am sooo self conscience!

  2. hey Crystal, thank you for wishing me a happy birthday ^^ I love running, too. This year, I am really trying to get in shape, so I signed up for the San Francisco Marathon. Not the full marathon, but half (it is still challenging for me hehe). I am practicing every other day, so hope it won't be too hard. Anyway, Happy jogging! :)